Life is getting Busy

A group of super strong warriors on International day of Yoga

A group of super strong warriors on International day of Yoga

So life as an A&E nurse and a yoga teacher is hotting up pretty well these days. For those of you who weren't aware, i spend the majority of my life holed up in Ipswich hospital wearing blue pyjamas (scrubs) rather than my big baggy harem pants. Life as an ED nurse and a yoga teacher certainly have there differences and i do like to think that yoga is my Yin to the hospitals Yang. My grounding, calming, more lunar relaxed side to the flat out, manic, more up in the air solar side that ED provides.

   So i have been teaching in ipswich for the last 14 months and so many of you have been lovely about my classes, spread the word and repeatedly come back with your friends, family and at times maybe even strangers you have pulled off the street. Though all the positive feedback it seems my class schedule is about to get pretty damn busy over the next couple of months. I have been teaching regularly in Martlesham and Kesgrave since april last year and that has grown to incorporate a class for parkinson's patients too. 

    In the last month i have also just started teaching 3 classes at the beautiful Kersey Mill pilates studio. Its been pretty super lovely to have such a positive reaction to the classes to so soon. My tuesday morning (10-11am) class has been fully booked as as the first of my thursday evening (6-7pm) classes. I am hoping that in the coming months this will also develop into more classes, Including men only classes/kids classes/complete beginners/meditation and relaxation as jenny (the big boss) seems really happy to develop the yoga side into the studio. 

In the last week i have also had offers of work in and around Hadleigh and in Ipswich with some super lovely people, both yogini's and fitness instructors. The ipswich classes will be at the lovely little studio The exact days and times are yet to be confirmed but as i work three to four 12 hour shifts a week, its hard to offer regular classes. 

This blog is a little bit of a heads up that life is pretty sweet in my little yoga world and that is all thanks to you lot, i also would kinda like to use this to beg and plead (well beg an plead could be a bit strong, just hope) that as my time table becomes busier those of you who come regularly will continue to do so and maybe even increase your class numbers (we all know that you need to be practicing at least 3-4 times a week). Please continue to be so lovely and bring people along to spread the good word of yoga. I hope that if all keeps going in the same direction i will be able to cut my hours at work to start realising this crazy dream i have to teach you beautiful people full time and give myself more time to live my life with my STUNNING fiancee and our spotty pups.  

Namaste one and all, thanks for reading and see you all soon.