Mums and Dads, play time with kids is playtime for you too.


So here we are again, what appears to be a kinda tricky annual blog because i am terrible at thinking of things to write about and then writing them. 

I have been playing with this idea for a while but finally i am getting round to putting the whole thing into effect. Some of you who have followed me for a while will know that i enjoy climbing trees and playing on the kids playground, Well this is the way that i get my movement time in outside of my yoga practice. Many people i teach and talk to always complain about finding time to exercise ESPECIALLY parents. So why not "stack your life". This is an idea that Katy Bowman talks about in her book Move your DNA.

When you are at the park with your children do you - A) Sit down and look at your phone while they play. B) Sit there with your friend while your kid plays with their kid and you both drink coffee? or C) Get in the park with your kid and climb an crawl and swing and climb like a good'n????

This is the first video i recorded this week and added to my youtube channel explaining ways in which you can bring some more strength, mobility and movement into your life ALLLLLL while you are just giving your kids their play time. Killing two birds with one stone. Your children will probably also love the fact that you are actually getting involved and partaking in their playtime too. You can watch how they skilfully and easily swing the whole length of the monkey bars while you just get the hang of hanging and letting your shoulders and elbows, wrists and palms get used to the weight of your will take longer than you think as they have COMPLETELY forgotten how to. It will come back but just give it some time

As well as swinging and climbing, hanging and swinging, why not practice balancing and crawling. Your feet are itching to be used more and find life by having to balance over things. It will also make your core muscles fire up and support you without you needing to do all those sit ups you are struggling to find time to do and which are giving to tension headaches from clenching and tensing through your jaw and neck so much. The crawling with also really get your core working as well are teaching you a greater level of proprioception (understanding where your body is in space) when you go forwards and backwards.

Anyway thats about it, There is a couple of minutes of chat at the end of each video with some information about the benefits to what these movements will bring into your life. please share this with your other parent friends and let me know what you think. If you do go play in the park i would love to see your efforts, please share them on my instagram channel or on my facebook page.