Henham Park

Yoga day at Henham Hall


Hey one and all

so this week I am privileged enough to have been invited to teach at Henham hall near southwold. One of my students was super kind and past my details onto the lovely Sarah Rous who invited me to teach 1hr 45minutes class of yang and yin! 


The setting is totally beautiful in an old beamed barn, with a beautiful energy and atmosphere! 




The long morning will involve a great meditation to set the day off, with a beautiful slow hatha flow to get warmed up and Into the day! There will also be talks on ayuveda and the great Indian health system of doshas, along with a some chat time on reflexology and how we can incorporate it into our yoga practice! 


If you are interested in coming along please get in touch at wibbs@mandukyayoga.com or Sarah@henhampark.com



This is such a joy after just finishing teaching 3 classes at the yoga day at dance east last weekend, here is a little picture from that great day...cannot wait for me like it this Saturday!